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Why expectations are barrier in your abundance ?

Let go Expectations

Spiritual Healings

Every step in life is not meant to achieve something but is taken to create building blocks for your major achievements. Somewhere, we need to release the expectations from our efforts to achieve our true purpose. Rather than leaving the expectations from our efforts we tend to give up on our efforts.

It is not mandatory that every step is going to give you major and immediate results in form of achievements. Intension of delivering without any expectations turns every effort into great milestones. Detach yourself from expectations from your efforts. In Geeta it is said “ Karam Kar Phal (fruit) ki Iqcha (desire) na Kar”)

Today at this moment it might not be clear that what does it mean exactly to make efforts without expectations and why? When you think about serving others, it is important to check your right and strong intentions beyond it. Check it if your purpose of serving with any fear or any type of insecurity and attachments weather it is your family, profession or any other area of your life. Close your eyes and think what you want to give to others and why ? BE READY TO FACE THE FAKE GOOD SIDE OF YOU. You will encounter number of low energy beliefs behind the action which seems positive to you.

Check if your action or intention is result of some sort of attachment. May be you want to love your family, friends, society etc because your teacher teached it in childhood. Someone has instructed you that you have to love your family. You want to share your time your time with someone because you feel prestigious with them in the society. ISN’T IT AN EXPRESSION OF UNWORTHINESS THAT YOU FEEL PRESTIGIOUS BECAUSE OF SOMEONE ELSE. And , so you attract more unworthiness and force yourself to live those social obligations with lot of expectations and earthly attachments.

You don’t want to meet someone because you have still hold some past grudge for them. Let it go and make yourself free.  Do you expect from your children that in your old age they are bound and will serve you and pamper you in lieu of what you have done whole life for them. Do you feel so insecure about your old age? So you will attract more insecurity for your supportive system. Watch your thoughts and let go these expectations for your better life

Meditation Instant Results – Monica Nagpal

Meditation Cd- THZ

THZ Product – A Journey to your true self

A beautiful guided meditation that let you experience the silence and serenity of this amazing Universe. With her magical voice she guides you to the real and strong connection with the CREATOR of everything and nothing. A very simple and focused guided meditation  brings instant positive results in your life, when you are ready to just let go the negatives from your life. It is recommended for those who are sincere to know who they really are and it is best to listen if you want to experience miracles of GOD.

People appreciated it and adopted this meditation Cd and listen daily to create more and more abundance, Joy and inner peace in thier lives. Isn’t it amazing to get this tool to change your life NOW. This CD ‘ A journey to your True self ” by The Healing Zone (THZ) is a tool to resolve your issues ; mental , physical , emotional based on that how open you are to receive God’s blessings.

Check out Profile of Dr. Monica Nagpal : http://www.thzthehealingzone.com

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