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Heal cancer – No surgery

Cancer, a life threatening disease for the patient but also leaves painful memories and genetic patterns for the loved ones of the patient. I would like to come to the point about healing of cancer.

Few years back I heard that a cancer patient can be healed without surgery, after few months universe made me meet such people , both healer and the healed, still my analytical mind didn’t believe it 100% that a CANCER patient can be healed without surgery. Yes I didn’t believe it completely though there was lot of evidences around me.

Today I believe it completely that YES , CANCER can be healed and vanished completely through Holistic healings, without any surgery without any Knife , without those painful sessions of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. These therapies are the most difficult phase during treatment of cancer, for the patient and its family, which generally causes low immune system, low self-esteem, and loss of hairs etc.

Question: Is it possible to eliminate cancer completely without a surgery?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to eliminate cancer completely without surgery.

Question How long does it take to get healed?

Answer: It depends from person to person , their level of faith and the depth of the issue. Some got healed in healing session whereas other can take few more sessions.

Question: Should a person leave medicines while taking these sessions?

Answer: No, a person should not leave prescribed medicines without consent of the doctor

Question How to validate the healing?

Answer: It can be validated through medical reports, if the client wants to.


Testimonial Reference:

Note: There are many clients who wish NOT to reveal about their disease. It is being published on the webpage after consent of the client only.


“I have turned a complete believer after my 4 year old Breast Cancer healed in just one session with Dr Monica Nagpal. I felt sick for 4 days after the session but completely hale and hearty after that. No lumps, no cysts. My gynae confirmed that my breast is healthy. I am so happy and thankfully to God that I took healing instead of going under the knife. It’s a great feeling to be disease free. I have taken two follow up sessions and today my complete perspective towards life is changed. God bless Dr Monica, she talks and one gets healed. She is a blessed soul and I am truly blessed I met her. She is such a joy to be with. Inspirational and yet so simple oozing with so much unconditional love.  (Annie, 58 years) “

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Why expectations are barrier in your abundance ?

Let go Expectations

Spiritual Healings

Every step in life is not meant to achieve something but is taken to create building blocks for your major achievements. Somewhere, we need to release the expectations from our efforts to achieve our true purpose. Rather than leaving the expectations from our efforts we tend to give up on our efforts.

It is not mandatory that every step is going to give you major and immediate results in form of achievements. Intension of delivering without any expectations turns every effort into great milestones. Detach yourself from expectations from your efforts. In Geeta it is said “ Karam Kar Phal (fruit) ki Iqcha (desire) na Kar”)

Today at this moment it might not be clear that what does it mean exactly to make efforts without expectations and why? When you think about serving others, it is important to check your right and strong intentions beyond it. Check it if your purpose of serving with any fear or any type of insecurity and attachments weather it is your family, profession or any other area of your life. Close your eyes and think what you want to give to others and why ? BE READY TO FACE THE FAKE GOOD SIDE OF YOU. You will encounter number of low energy beliefs behind the action which seems positive to you.

Check if your action or intention is result of some sort of attachment. May be you want to love your family, friends, society etc because your teacher teached it in childhood. Someone has instructed you that you have to love your family. You want to share your time your time with someone because you feel prestigious with them in the society. ISN’T IT AN EXPRESSION OF UNWORTHINESS THAT YOU FEEL PRESTIGIOUS BECAUSE OF SOMEONE ELSE. And , so you attract more unworthiness and force yourself to live those social obligations with lot of expectations and earthly attachments.

You don’t want to meet someone because you have still hold some past grudge for them. Let it go and make yourself free.  Do you expect from your children that in your old age they are bound and will serve you and pamper you in lieu of what you have done whole life for them. Do you feel so insecure about your old age? So you will attract more insecurity for your supportive system. Watch your thoughts and let go these expectations for your better life

Meditation Instant Results – Monica Nagpal

Meditation Cd- THZ

THZ Product – A Journey to your true self

A beautiful guided meditation that let you experience the silence and serenity of this amazing Universe. With her magical voice she guides you to the real and strong connection with the CREATOR of everything and nothing. A very simple and focused guided meditation  brings instant positive results in your life, when you are ready to just let go the negatives from your life. It is recommended for those who are sincere to know who they really are and it is best to listen if you want to experience miracles of GOD.

People appreciated it and adopted this meditation Cd and listen daily to create more and more abundance, Joy and inner peace in thier lives. Isn’t it amazing to get this tool to change your life NOW. This CD ‘ A journey to your True self ” by The Healing Zone (THZ) is a tool to resolve your issues ; mental , physical , emotional based on that how open you are to receive God’s blessings.

Check out Profile of Dr. Monica Nagpal :

Know your thoughts

Watch this video clip of Dr.Monica Nagpal and know that how yourbown thoughts create your reality.…2402.7536.0.13692.….0…

Tips to Meditate

Tips to Meditate


  • Choose your purpose to meditate. You have different person from another to meditate so don’t judge yourself. It might be just to get rid of your inner chatter, may be to see your real self or some other reason. Ask yourself that why do want to meditate
    Women meditating
  • Don’t force yourself to meditate. Meditation is an act of achieving freedom of mind so you can’t force your thoughts to achieve it.
  • Have patience. Keep patience when you start mediating to see the desired results. Everyday you may or may not see the desired results. So have patience.
  • Sometimes you might feel like telling your mind to say “Just Shut up”, which brings frustration. Switch your focus to your breath instantly and let the frustration go.
  • Have a guided meditation track/DVD/CD with yourself like , which helps you to stay focused and to avoid any extra efforts to meditate.
  • Read books about meditation. Understand the basics
  • Say Thank you at the end.



Feel Good about yourself – Quick tips

“ Can you really think about yourself only for 10 minutes without comparing yourself with any else”

While writing it, I know I also stand in the queue of people who cannot think about their    own abundance without comparison. And, I believe acceptance of this fact is the first step towards KNOW YOURSELF.

Take a paper and pen or close your eyes and think about yourself, just about yourself like how do you feel about yourself , what do you want to achieve in life etc.. watch your thoughts while thinking about yourself , ARE YOU COMPARING OR COMPETING WITH SOMEONE ELSE.


– make a list that how do you feel about yourself at the moment without comparing yourself with anyone. 

– While thinking about yourself  remove all blocks like .. I am good “if I am rich ” , when I will be rich, if I am slim , if i am like my neighbor … 

– Acceptance is first and important step of abundance 

– Watch your thought, how much are you competing with someone in your thoughts 

– Ready to receive abundance of life 

– Life won’t control us but we direct it based on our perceptions, which is filtered by pure beliefs 

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In reality, the energy of life is neutral but abundant, it is us that how are we accepting it. Take a moment and think . Life is how we perceive it, if someone take it as competition,  then yes it is full of competition. If someone wants to put whole energy into knowing someone else then you will get lot of opportunities to know someone else rather than KNOWING YOURSELF, which is your true goal. The beautiful life force is always around us and behave and acts based on our perception, which is filtered by our beliefs. Ironically, life won’t control us but our perception, our thinking controls our life. The circumstances and events around us happening in our life are a reflection of us, a reflection of our thoughts, positive or negative.

What are Holistic healings –

What are Holistic healings –

Holistic healing considers a person as a whole – body, mind and spirit.

Holistic Healings, Monica Nagpal,

Holistic Healings, Monica Nagpal,

–          A holistic treatment for  any imbalance to live a more balanced life at any emotional,physical, mental and spiritual level.

–          It can be any forms like DNA activation, reiki, crystal healing, aura healing and space healing etc.

–          It is can be beyond the mind and body connection and understanding .

–          All aspects of a person physical healing, mental health and wellness, emotional well-being, and spiritual beliefs and values are considered.

–          It increases and focus on personal power.

–          One must choose a holistic therapy according to their comfort as there are a lot of holistic therapies are available.

Recommend  Healers:

Strengthen your aura – Quick tips

Aura Strength

Aura Strength

Aura is an electric field around a physical form. Some  people have very strong auras ans such people are usually very influential , charming and can be seen different and gracious even in crowd.

During interaction through out the day, the energy gets exchanged unconsciously. So sometimes, one might feel drained after meeting people and after attending few events. We are sharing quick tips to protect your aura.

1. Listening Music – listen music that turn on your mood and fill you with feeling of joy. Avoid listening sad and very slow music.

2. Essential Oils : Use essential oils, you may try different and can decide what suits you best.

3. Crystals: Can use some crystals like Labradorite or Fluorite or otherwise contact a crystal healer, who can guide you for the best.

4. Take bath in cold water: It is one of the easy way to make your aura better as cold water has property to diffuse negative energies. You may use salt into the water.

5. Spend less time with electric gadgets: Stay away as much as you can from electronic gadgets. It might be hard based on the type of work you do but at least avoid unnecessary  use of these gadgets.

6. Have a walk with nature: Have a walk with the nature, it increases positive energy around you that naturally heals your aura.

7. Use of positive affirmations : Repetitive use of positive affirmations also helps to strenght your aura . Affirmation: ” I am safe and protected wherever I go and whomsoever I meet”. “My aura is always protected with God’s energy”.

8. Meditation : Best to meditate, you can use some healing meditation cds of The healing Zone (THZ) for instant results.

Love and Gratitude

Create Success here and NOW

A guy came to me and asked “What will happen if I die, Is it the truth that I will be able to start a new life, which is much happier than this one “ ? I looked at him, smiled and said “ It will be nice if you can create a new life  which is happier after you die” . He was staring at my face as he was expecting some more detail. I continued by sharing that I also had the same question in my head a few years ago and may be a sign of quest the truth. But, we can’t create a beautiful and happy next life, which is perfect, IF WE ARE NOT HAPPY IN THIS CURRENT LIFE. Because we create our FUTURE IN NOW and even you choose to start a new life, you might need to resolve your previous baggage with more wisdom. NO ONE ESCAPE what they have done in their past lives. SO TO LIVE NEXT LIFE MORE HAPPILY, YOU NEED TO BE HEAL YOURSELF TODAY.

Think, how beautiful it is so enjoy and cheer you today rather than thinking about the next life. Believe that it is possible to have it with healing light of God that you deserve. You are worthy to have health relationships and success, you are WORTHY to be HEALTHY. You are WORTHY to be creative and you are Worthy to be PEACEFUL. You don’t need to plan next life, it is possible RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW.

The Healing Zone (THZ) is providing counseling, healing products and services is guiding and helping people, who intends to achieve, grow and stay HEALTHY. THZ was founded by Dr. Monica Nagpal, who has helped and healed many people with miraculous results. For the testimonials, please visit . I am sure, it will give you more clarity that in how many ways you can be benefited from The healing Zone (THZ).

Trust is one of the main foundations of every true and pure healing that originates from the our OWN source. Trust that you deserve to be healthy, trust that you deserve to have good relationship with your spouse, trust that life is beautiful, trust that THZ is a genuine platform to hold your hand to show the light of God , which is your birthright. THZ imparts trainings that how you can stay forever with energy of healing light permanently and forever.

Heal back pain – THZ

back pain treatment

The Healing Zone

Back pain – a very common disease for people especially for those who sits for long hours in a day. And, probably people have started to accept it as an outcome of the today’s life style.

Is back pain really incurable ?

Answer is , it is certainly curable.

What matters is to understand yourself more ? What emotions are blocking the flow of energy in your spine and to believe that it’s easy to get rid of Back Pain permanently. Check in to The Healing Zone (THZ)

Upper, Middle, and Low Back Pain Symptoms

Sciatica Symptoms

Low Back Strain

Nighttime Back Pain

Monica Nagpal, a holistic trainer, counselor and healer, has  healed many people and helped them to get rid of their back pain. The Healing Zone (THZ) is a complete wellness hub, where a lot of people benefitted.

“”I took two sessions from Monica.  She made me feel very comfortable.  She just held my hand and we kept talking and I did not even come to know when the session started and when it ended!  When I came back home it struck me that my back pain (I have prolapsed disc in the lumbar area) was considerably reduced and there was a change in the gait.  After the second session my breathing improved a lot.  The capacity of my lungs has increased as I can breathe in more deeply.  May God Bless her!”

Pushpa Kaul, 79 years

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