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This page is dedicated to you, where you can ask question from Dr. Monica Nagpal about your health, spiritual, physical, emotional, profession issue to get answers for the solution. Your questions can be related to Chakra Healing , DNA activation , Aura cleansing,  Space Healing   and much more…

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  1. Dear Monica ji,

    I have a sever acidity issue and it troubles me a lot. My diet includes a lot of oil food which i can’t eliminate completely. Please tell me that how to deal with it ?

    1. Dear Iqchcha … In case you wish to manage your issue of acidity without excluding oily stuff completely from your diet…
      1. you may increase your alkalinity… eat food which is alkaline in nature…e.g. : gourd, cucumber, broccoli, coconut water, lemon water etc. you can find your own preferences checking the alkalinity of the food stuff you include in your diet
      2. Take a brisk walk everyday for about 45 min
      3. Increase oxygen content in your easy breathing exercises like Alternate breathing
      4. Drink lots of water
      5. Very important…do a parasite cleanse to clean your gut
      6. Last but not the least…manage your temper…irritation & anger contribute a lot to the issue of acidity.
      Managing your food and mood will surely help you stay in a balanced health ful state…:)
      God bless
      Enjoy Creator’s bounty Now & Forever…Namaste!

  2. One of my family member works in an IT industry and become very addicted to smoking. For him, smoking is inseparable part of professional world. He also tries to leave this habit but he is not able to . Could you please guide that how can we get rid of this issue.

    1. Dear Aanchal Hi…Any kind of addiction generally has it’s roots in Insecurity or feeling of lack of support…the substance provides an illusion of support system to the person. One with such an issue like smoking be helped
      1. in a loving and supportive atmosphere
      2. increasing lung power by yoga
      3. enhancing will power by meditation
      4. changing the mental conditioning from lack to plenty
      5. supplementing the nutritional imbalance
      6. bringing a feeling of a promising and happy future
      These are the general ways and there more which are specific for a person, thus vary and require individual understanding and healing
      God bless
      Enjoy Creator’s bounty Now & Forever…Namaste!

  3. I gotta lot of meditation stuff in he market but nothing could help me out . I dont understand if i am so ready to change me then why i would to siiiiit and meditate ? what is unique in yours :O

    1. Dear Mr KK Krishan
      Meditation is not the end my friend, it’s just a tool.
      All meditations are good…pick any that suit your requirement
      Just KNOW clearly what do u want the meditation to do for u.
      Now to answer your query “what is unique about our meditation”… we can say that
      it has helped all who are ‘mindful’ or ‘mindfull’
      It has helped people heal all kinds of situations in their lives.
      Rest effort is yours to do it, the energy automatically guides you through the process which is uniquely required for u
      God bless
      Enjoy Creator’s bounty Now & Forever…Namaste!

  4. generally feeling tireness , does this chakra cleansing really helps out , was reading your articles . How a chakra which is not visible can manage our physical issues which is visible

  5. Dear Monica Ji,
    I want to buy Essential oils from THZ. Could you please recommend me which one would be best for me?
    Lots of love & Gratitude

    1. All essential oils are good for balancing and rejuvenating your energy levels and mood meter. In general you may use Rose, Sandal or Lemon grass etc. but if you have specific requirement, pl mention so that a specific oil or combination may be suggested for you.
      Enjoy Creator’s bounty

  6. Shruti Srivastava | Reply

    Gdevening Dr Monica
    the guidelines given by u are very pure and pious but the practical aspects of day today life are not only complex but grey and black too . How to tackle such complexities ,gain control over them and emerge as winners alongwith maintaining a nuetral stance ,and safeguarding our innermost from any kind of negetivity hampering the same .
    Regards Dr Shruti Srivastava

    1. Dear Dr Shruti Srivastava
      A very valid query which many people face these days but you summarised it so beautifully. It shows the strength of your personality that despite being a wonderful Medical doctor you had the courage to write in a public forum. Your understanding of the larger purview of existence makes you unique.
      Now as you said, practical life is “complex, grey & black”….
      To this, I shall request you to once again remember the scientific universal principle : “Like attracts Like”
      Choose your thoughts/perception/conduct without criticism of self and situation/s. Everything around is a mere reflection of our being. Normally being caught up in the situation the thought process gets a little warped in the sense that generally people end up thinking that they are not achieving or performing due to the situation or some person in their life. So due to this keeps himself/herself stuck in this Catch 22.
      Whereas a winner breaks through this warp and takes responsibility of the situation.
      “I created my life the way it is, I have the power to recreate the way I choose”
      Strengthening this…all greys or blacks or complexities subside and makes an achiever out of you instead of a victim.
      How to do:
      1. Choosing Solutions and not problems
      2. Focus on Happiness & Blessings (No matter how little they are)
      Start with this and rest follows on it’s on.
      Techniques that automatically give the strength from within to do the above are
      meditation and breathing exercise (most basic and simple techniques to begin with).
      Enjoy Creator’s bounty.

  7. Shruti Srivastava | Reply

    Hello Dr monica ,
    It has been 6 days past your second session and I have been continuously thinking deeper and deeper .my daily work has come to standstill and I am completely engrossed in my thinking process which is something beyond my control . There are innumerable questions for which I can’t find appropriate answers .although these question were always somewhere within me but I had always suppressed thinking they are obstacle and are parting away from the practical world .i seek your help to sharpen my inner intelligence to be self guided in my quest for a continuous process of evolution in me . Thanks !
    Regards Dr Shruti Srivastava

    1. Dr Shruti Srivastava
      Time to come out of your ‘Thought Web’ and start living freely.
      Good :)… that all the suppression is venting out. Note down your questions, give yourself sometime, all answers shall soon appear. As you have started practicing the simple thing called “Expression”.
      Be kind to yourself. Your self empowered being is emerging.
      What is practical? What you create is your life… Your own life is the most practical thing. Thus, start strengthening from within and choose Joy.
      Enjoy Creator’s bounty.

  8. Dr Shruti Srivastava | Reply

    Hello Dr Monica ,
    There are many a times conflict arises between intuition and logic .when to follow what is always a question that I get entangled with .what is the best way to get rightly directed and also self guided where intuition and logic complements each other …..regards Shruti Srivastava

    1. Hello
      To alleviate the conflict between Intuition & Logic, it is foremost important to understand what actually you make out of the two words basically.
      Logic is the ability to put things in perspective and so is the Intuition. Just that ‘intuition’ is the highest form of ‘logic’ which is more complete
      and more balanced than pure logic.
      Your views due to logic could be based in the learnings or viewpoints acquired according to people/situations/experiences etc around you. Whereas ‘intuition’ is more or less based on higher understanding of all the concepts.
      Thus, for both to complement each other and so to say one needs to come out of the basal and sometimes obvious but not true stuff.
      e.g. : Your logical mind tells you that ‘this person is not good’ (obviously your mind shall give you ‘n’ no. of justifications for the same. On the other hand, intuitively you may be feeling ‘there’s scope for improvement’. Make the right choice, I choose intuitive over logical. It has worked always.
      Logically you may be inclined towards someone as this person has helped you in the past but intuitively you may be getting ‘knock knock’ stay away. Choose to stay away. With the passage of time, in the course of your journey you shall realise many times the need to move on instead of being stuck.
      “Instead of finding faults with others, focus on what can you change in yourself to change the situation.”
      Simple way to get a clarity of mind or a ‘mind which can think clearly’; one requires to achieve thought management. The best way to manage your thoughts are meditation of mindfulness or mind-fullness. You learn to watch your thoughts and then next step is you learn to choose your thoughts.
      Otherwise, nothing shall change and a person may continue to live a life staying a victim and not improving in any area of life.
      May you allow your intuition to blossom and let your logic rest for a while. Success is all yours then.

      Enjoy Creator’s bounty now & forever

  9. Dr Shruti Srivastava | Reply

    Thank you ,thy words are encouraging ! I hope I be helped in sharpening my intuitive abilities.

    1. Dr. Shruti Srivastava — looking for EMDR practitioner in Delhi area, any help appreciated
      (I saw your paper on EMDR online)
      Thank you

      1. Hello Dr Shruti Srivastava
        You can contact our office for helping eye issues. The technique used is HLT (Harmonic Life Therapy) which includes the processes of EMDR and much more empowering the person absolutely.

  10. Dr Shruti Srivastava | Reply

    Hello Dr Monica ,
    There are many people I see around who are just ,honest and sincere but somewhere crushed or in an absolute no growth state .what is their lacking point ?does ethicality play a negetivity role here , meaning ethicality has parameter being over and under ethical where it acts as a positive yardstick for ones growth ?

      1. Compromise on ethics can never be an answer to anything progressive. Yes…the definition of ethical has no standard criterion, that’s the issue. Universally anything that is beneficial to you without hurting anyone at all instants not just in the moment. If anything is not working out, take it for granted that something surely needs to be changed within. Remember if Plan A didn’t work out…there’s always Plan B, Plan C…so on and so forth.

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